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Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

Wine and cheese gift baskets are perfect gifts for all kinds of occasions including birthdays, weddings, cocktail parties and holidays.

Why get wine and cheese gift baskets?

Wine and cheese gift baskets are a great way to say just about anything. They can be used for joyous occasions such as a birthday, or not so happy events, such as a funeral. Wine and cheese baskets are good gifts because everyone enjoys food. It's also really nice to get a gift that includes something you don’t normally buy yourself, such as nice wine and cheese.

You can get wine and cheese baskets at many different on-line stores. Check out Web sites that specialize in sending gourmet food gift baskets. These Web sites always have a variety of pre-made baskets so it's easy to find one that's in your price range. If you can't find a basket you like, the sites will usually let you mix and match basket contents.

Choosing the wine and cheese

If you know a lot about wine or cheese, go ahead and put the basket together yourself. Thankfully, for those of us who very little about wine and cheese gift baskets, the Web site and their wine and cheese experts will help you put one together. The wine in wine and cheese gift baskets is frequently grouped according to type of wine, region or winery. For example, you might have a basket full of white wines. Now, the white wines could be several chardonnays from different regions or a mix of whites from the same region. A basket of red wine might include a mix of reds or a mix of French Bordeaux's.

Now for the cheese! As with the wine, the makers of the wine and cheese gift baskets will probably have several cheeses in mind that will bring out the flavor of the wine. The baskets generally include olives, tapenades and other appetizers that will sit well with the wine. The gift recipient will have a great time reading about the cheeses and the wine and they devour them!

Add a personal touch

As mentioned before, you can generally add whatever you want to wine and cheese gift baskets. If you know a lot about wine and cheese and you don't particularly like the pre-made combination of the two, ask to swap some of the wines and cheeses. If you like the selection, but want to add a personal touch to the basket, look for wine and cheese accessories.

Specialized wine keys, wine glass markers and small appetizer plates that comfortably balance on top of a wine glass are great additions to any wine and cheese gift baskets. As for the cheese, toss in a nice cheese cutter, cheese boards or gourmet crackers. Nuts and books about wine or cheese are also great gifts to slip in wine and cheese gift baskets.

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