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Wine and Chocolate Gift Baskets

Wine and Chocolate Gift Baskets

Wine and chocolate gift baskets are the ultimate gift of luxury.

Choosing wine and chocolate gift baskets

Your decision to give someone wine and chocolate gift baskets is a great one. Most everyone likes some kind of chocolate and adults who are into wine, love paring a good wine with chocolate. These baskets can be given as get well gifts, thank you gifts, corporate gifts, anniversary gifts or birthday gifts. You can also bring them to a cocktail party as a gift for the host or hostess. It's always nice to bring something that can immediately be shared by other guests.

Generally you can find wine and chocolate gift baskets at gourmet chocolate stores, wine stores or other specialty stores. The easiest way to find a basket that will fit your needs is by getting on the Internet and looking up wine and chocolate gift baskets. You'll find hundreds of baskets.

What comes in the baskets?

Wine and chocolate gift baskets include…wine and chocolate! Though it's obvious that these baskets include both of these things, there is a skill to putting these baskets together. The wine and the chocolate are usually matched up. For example, a basket that includes heavier red wines, such as a Cabernet, might include dark chocolate because the two compliment each other. A lighter wine, such as a pinot grigio, might come with a variety of light chocolate or chocolate that also includes nuts. The people who make wine and chocolate gift baskets are very cognizant of the flavors they're mixing. Of course, you can find baskets that include all kinds of wine and all kinds of chocolate.

What else can I get in these baskets?

Wine and chocolate gift baskets include wine and chocolate, but they can also include other things. For example, you might include a nice bottle opener in the basket. You can even include wine glass with your bottle opener. Then the person who gets the basket won't have to get anything in order to enjoy the wine! For the novice wine drinker or chocolate, include a book about wine or a book about the origin of chocolate. These books are good learning tools. If the person is somewhat of a wine connoisseur, find a detailed book about the region where the wine in the basket was made. They'll appreciate this gesture.

Wine and chocolate gift baskets can also include teddy bears, chocolate covered strawberries, hot chocolate mix and other types of chocolate. Generally you only include a teddy bear if you're using the basket as a get well-type basket. The only reason wine and chocolate gift baskets won't make good gifts is if the person doesn't like wine or chocolate so make sure they enjoy these goodies before you pass them along.

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