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wine and country

Wine and Country Gift Baskets There is something about receiving a gift basket that lets you know you are being thought of. When you want to let a friend or family member know that they are in your thoughts, nothing works better than a gift basket that has been chosen especially for them. Wine and country gift baskets are tasteful and elegant gifts for the connesieur and novice wine lovers. Wine baskets are appropriate choices for any occasion and can be given to a co-worker, as a thank you, as a housewarming present, for birthdays and even anniversaries and weddings. To begin creating your gift basket, first start with a favorite flavor. Wine is available in chardonnay, merlot, pinot gritio, cabarnet, white zinfindel, and many blended flavors. Champagne is also a great option especially for weddings or anniversaries. If you are unsure of a favorite, choose a couple bottles, each of a different vintage. For a special touch, choose bottles from a local winery. If you are giving a wedding or anniversary gift basket, add personalized labels complete with name and date. Add gourmet foods that complement your wine choice. Choose upscale gourmet chocolates such as Godiva or Ghiradelli. Fruits can bring out the aromas of wine. Add grapes and chocolate covered strawberries. Cheeses, pate, smoked salmon, and herb spreads combined with crackers, flatbreads, and rye crisps complete the gourmet feel of your basket. For a final touch, add special gift items to your basket. An EZ open wine bottle opener is a great addition for any wine lover. These hi-tech openers open bottles in a snap. No more twisting and broken corks. For baskets that include a variety of cheeses, add a cheeseboard and slicer. Spreaders with grape handles are great for pate and herb spreads. Add personalized wine glasses or champagne flutes for a special touch. Personalized glasses are great for weddings and anniversaries. Combine with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and gourmet chocolates for a romantic gift. Wine and country gift baskets are a great gift to give and recieve. Please any wine lover with a custom created gift basket. Your wine lover will feel even more special when they recieve a basket that has been personalized just for them.

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