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wine country gift baskets

Wine country gift baskets are a fabulous way to commemorate and share a special time in the wine country. Anyone, from wine connoisseurs to wine novices would appreciate a classy gift item which would allow them to experience and savor great flavors and refinement.

Wine country baskets may be as simple as a pair of bottles in red and white from a particularly fine wine year. Baskets such as these may be very reasonably priced, especially when they are from a smaller winery. This does not mean that the quality will be any lower than that from a larger vineyard. In fact, many smaller wineries are able to have better quality control techniques in place to ensure only the best product is produced. Ask a lot of questions of the wine steward assisting you regarding bouquet and foods which pair nicely with the wines you have selected. Often times, you can request specific bottles be included in your basket. Another great option is to ask for the same wine but from different years so you can sample the flavors as they mature and reach their peak.

A basic corkscrew would be a welcome addition to any wine country gift basket. Many is the time when a wine drinker has misplaced or forgotten their corkscrew. To avoid the embarrassment, offer one with every bottle of wine you gift. It will always be appreciated. Perhaps the person who will be receiving your gift is an athlete; a fun option is to include a corkscrew with a soccer ball or football incorporated into the mechanism. There are many themes available with regard to corkscrews, so have some fun or aim for class. You will find something that best fits the person you are giving wine to.

Wine baskets can also be grouped with other food and drink related items. Wine glasses of a shape which compliments your wine selection will be perfect, especially if the person you are giving the basket to is new to wine and may not have a variety of specialty glasses. Bottle stoppers are a way to help keep an unfinished wine bottle fresh and prevent the flavor from being ruined while being stored in the refrigerator. Cheeses pair extremely well with wines and can be very affordable. Try to incorporate a cheese for each variety of wine you are giving. If you are giving cheese, cheese spreaders or cheese knives are an obvious choice. They will be appreciated and used for years to come. A covered cheese tray would also be a welcome accompaniment.

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