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10 year Anniversary Gift

10 year anniversary gift

So you've made it to your 10th year anniversary gift and now you have to find a 10 year anniversary gift for your spouse. Well, marriage is the hard part so finding a gift should be easy, right?

Traditional anniversary gifts

If you're having a difficult time finding a 10 year anniversary gift for your spouse, go ahead and stick with tradition. Tradition says that for a 10 year anniversary, you're supposed to give your spouse something made of tin or aluminum. Now, right off this might sound like a junky gift, but bear in mind that we don't mean an aluminum can or a tin jar. Though you can give this as a 10 year anniversary gift, it probably won't be a really big hit. Traditional wedding gifts simply suggest a substance and let you do the creative part. For example, you could buy your wife a lovely tin or aluminum jewelry box. The creators of these boxes are very good at making them look classy. Some of these boxes include rhinestones or other decorative pieces so shop around.

Another great 10 year anniversary gift that sticks with the traditional materials is an aluminum wine bottle tote. This, of course, is only a good gift if your spouse likes to drink wine. These totes allow you to bring wine with you on a picnic or to an outdoor event, such as a concert in the park. They come in different colors and can be found on the Internet.

Another classic use of tin or aluminum is a set of candles. You can find pre-tinned candles at virtually any department store or specialty store. Choose an aroma that your spouse will like. Perhaps they'll place their lavender scented candle in the bathroom and light it when they take a soothing bath. Creating a relaxing environment is a great 10 year anniversary gift for anyone. With this gift you can also include bubble bath and body wash. Bubble bath and other bath accessories frequently come in tin or aluminum containers especially if they're purchased from specialty stores.

Breaking tradition

If you're not one for tradition, that's OK. There are thousands of 10 year anniversary gifts that you can find for your spouse. Many couples don't find any satisfaction in getting each other 10 year anniversary gift that deals with tradition. In fact, many feel that the 10 year anniversary gift should be jewelry. After all, 10 years is the first really big milestone in a person's marriage. If this sounds like you, consider getting your wife (or husband) a piece of diamond jewelry. You can find twin rings that are not too garish. These rings, called gimmels, represent eternal love. They are ambiguous to be worn by both a man and women. This 10 year anniversary gift is classic and romantic.

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