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20th Anniversary Gifts

20th Anniversary Gifts

Though a 20th wedding anniversary isn't as momentous as a 50th wedding anniversary, it's still quite a feat. Celebrate your 20th with perfect 20th anniversary gifts!

Sticking with tradition

On your 20th wedding anniversary you're supposed to give your spouse china. There are plenty of Web sites, stores and catalogs that have different types of china. They also range in price so you no longer have to break the bank for a piece of china. Flowers, jewelry, cards and a nice dinner are also great traditional wedding gifts. Not all couples like to participate in traditional wedding gifts. If you're one of these couples, check out some of the other 20th anniversary gifts that are out there.

Preserving your memories

When someone's been together for 20 years, they've accumulated a lot of memories. However, most people aren't very good at organizing their memories. So, get the couple 20th anniversary gifts that help them put their memories in one place. This can include a scrapbook and scrapbook material and picture frames. If the couple really isn't the scrap booking type, make your own personalized gift. Put together a CD of love songs or top 10 hits from the year they got married. Listening to the songs will bring them way back. You can also personalize a wine label and have a company put it on a bottle of wine. You can design the label yourself. Couples love getting wine that has their name and anniversary date on it.

Unique 20th anniversary gifts

Looking for 20th anniversary gifts that are a little out of the norm? Well, here's some fantastic ideas. Instead of buying your spouse a piece of china that they might not need, buy them a star or a title. Yes, you can actually register to buy one of the many stars in the galaxy. Obviously you can't take your star home, but you can name it and show everyone your star. When you name the star you get a slip in the mail certifying the star's new name. Place this in your spouse's anniversary card and watch their eyes light up when the open it!

Not into astrology, what about getting your spouse a new title? The only title that most people have are Mr. or Mrs. or mom and dad. These titles are great, but why not jazz it up a little? You can actually get on-line and buy a new title. There are a couple of different companies that do this. International law says a person can call themselves whatever they want however, you can't have the same name (title included) as someone else. These agencies just do a legal check to make sure another Byron Tim Joes doesn't exist. These 20th anniversary gifts are fun and a little off the beaten path.

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