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25th Anniversary Wedding Gift

25th Anniversary Wedding Gift

A 25th anniversary wedding gift traditionally includes silver. While some lists of the traditional or contemporary annual anniversary gifts vary, both types of lists cite silver as the appropriate 25th anniversary wedding gift. This does not mean that you have to limit your ideas to items made of silver, of course, but it can be a great starting point for some wonderful 25th anniversary wedding gift ideas.

Some classic 25th anniversary wedding gift ideas made of silver include silver picture frames or photo albums with engraved silver covers. A silver double picture frame with a photo of you on your wedding day alongside a current photo can make a wonderful 25th anniversary wedding gift. A photo album with a silver cover, perhaps engraved with your names and wedding date, filled with pictures of the two of you throughout your courtship and the first twenty-five years of your marriage can be a wonderfully personal 25th anniversary wedding gift.

A gift basket, especially one with a reusable silver basket, can make a terrific 25th anniversary wedding gift. Some items to consider including are scented candles (perhaps in silver tins), aromatherapy products, and a bottle of wine. Cookies, crackers and cheese, and other gourmet treats also make great 25th anniversary wedding gift baskets. Some special anniversary gift baskets may include silver ribbons, cookies with silver icing, and the like to emphasize the theme of a 25th anniversary wedding gift.

For many women a 25th anniversary wedding gift of silver jewelry may be the gift of choice. For women who wear primarily gold jewelry, consider a piece or ensemble that incorporates both gold and silver, making it more versatile for everyday wear. 25th anniversary wedding gifts of silver jewelry need not be limited only to women, however. Many men enjoy silver rings, cufflinks, and the like as much as women do.

Many couples choose to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a trip and an item that can be used on the trip, such as a camera or video recorder, can also make a terrific 25th anniversary wedding gift. Although 25th anniversary wedding gifts usually include silver, it is not necessary, of course. Remember that the best gifts are those that come from the heart. Taking a little time to plan a special 25th anniversary wedding gift lets your spouse know how much you truly care.

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