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Hawaiian gift baskets

Hawiian gift baskets are a fabulous way to take anyone on a little mental getaway to paradise without even getting on a plane! Creating a luau right where you are can be very fun for both giver and receiver.

Hawaii is such a popular getaway location for a reason. It is easy to forget your troubles when you are so busy experiencing a unique culture in a tropical setting. That’s why you will want to recreate as much of that paradise as possible when you create great Hawaiian gift baskets. What types of items should you include in a Hawaiian gift basket? Well, that is up to you but you have many options available to you.

The tropics are known for their fresh fruits. What Hawaiian gift basket would be complete without a fresh pineapple sticking up in the middle? Make sure you select a pineapple with a firm texture which has a slight give when pressure is applied. It should smell fresh and not in any way foul. Other fruits which would be great to include in Hawaiian gift baskets are passion fruit, kiwi, bananas, mangoes or papaya. Some of these are not necessarily indigenous to Hawaii, but they are tropical fruits and will lend themselves well to your purpose. Additional snacks you could add are dried fruits or macadamia nuts. These mild flavored nuts come in a variety of styles and are a true island treat.

No Hawaiian gift basket should be without its own soundtrack. Most people outside the Hawaiian islands don’t have a supply of great Polynesian music available at their fingertips, so you might want to consider giving at least one (preferably two) CDs with great Polynesian music. You could give one which is more upbeat with lots of tribal inspired drums and rhythms and one which is much more laid back and relaxing. Having these types of CDs will really take someone out of their current state of mind and to the islands.

Fun additions to your Hawaiian gift baskets will also be coconut style cups, the ingredients for a great pina colada or mai tai, a tropical drink recipe book, leis made of silk flowers, puka shell necklaces, mumus or Hawaiian shirts, flip flop sandals, tiki lamps, or Hawaiian inspired patio lights. None of these are items which should be taken too seriously. They are meant to encourage Hawaiian gift baskets recipients to relax and take a mental vacation to paradise.

If you’re giving someone Hawaiian gift baskets, you might want to consider getting two so you won’t be jealous of the fun gift basket you gave away.

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