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Housewarming Gift Baskets

Housewarming gift baskets are a wonderful gift alternative to the traditional housewarming plant. If you would like to give a housewarming gift basket you will have many more options regarding the types of gifts you will be able to give than you would if you were sticking to more traditional housewarming gifts.

It can be fun to find the right gift basket for the occasion, and finding the right housewarming gift basket is no exception. When you begin shopping for the best gift basket for a housewarming, take into account the kind of person or people to whom you will be giving the basket. If they enjoy a great movie, you could give a movie gift basket. If your friend loves plants, consider giving them a gardening basket. For those who love to spend time in the kitchen creating new and interesting dishes, you could give them a cooking basket. Any of these would be wonderful housewarming gift baskets because all of the items you will be including in them will be used in or around the home.

A great movie basket will likely be made from a large popcorn bowl. It is a perfect receptacle and just the right size to hold a DVD or a few DVDs. It will also contain several packages of microwave popcorn. You can find gourmet microwave popcorn in a variety of flavors, which could be fun to change things up a bit. You could also include some flavored popcorn salts or herb blends. Traditional movie fare candy is also a good idea. Plan to add more than a few different types of candies. It is also nice to include a pack of batteries in case the remote control goes out on movie night, just for a fun twist.

For the new home owning gardener, you could begin your basket with a galvanized bucket. Once the housewarming gift basket is emptied of all its goodies, the pail can be used in any and all gardening activities to take place. Begin filling the bucket with handheld gardening tools such as bulb planters, trowels or rakes. You can also add a small container or bottle of plant food or fertilizer, some gloves, seeds and a gardening magazine or guide.

A new gourmet would love a combination of flavor infused oils and dried herbs. To add to the appeal of the gourmet housewarming gift basket you can include specialty seasoning blends, imported pastas and imported canned or jarred sauces, flavored breadsticks, high end cookies, candies and chocolates, and some kitchen tools. All of these items will be of use to a new homeowner.

Plants are great, but to give a truly unique housewarming gift, try to find something a little less traditional. If you do, your housewarming gift baskets will be all the rage.

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