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Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets

Meat and cheese gift baskets are a great gift idea for people with sophisticated palates. No matter what the gift giving occasion you will do well to give wonderful meat and cheese gift baskets to the people who make your gift list.

The types of meats you would want to include in your meat and cheese gift baskets will ideally be those with a bit of a shelf life. You will want to look for items which are vacuum packed, smoked or preserved to ensure their safe consumption without refrigeration. These types of meats will be sausages, smoked salmon, pate’, canned meats or even high end jerkeys.

Cheeses are also items which need to be handled properly to ensure their quality. You would never want to give fresh meats or cheeses unless you could guarantee they were kept cold. Processed cheeses do not always have to be chilled and often have a shelf life which would make them perfect for meat and cheese gift baskets. Look for those which are well wrapped in foil or are in small plastic containers. Regardless of the packaging style, they should be airtight.

Meat and cheese gift baskets can be exclusively meats and cheeses, but are more often combinations of products which compliment your meat and cheese selections. You will want to look for simple crackers with flavors in keeping with the meats and cheeses, pretzels, toasts, hard candies, and maybe even a piece or two of chocolate. Other important things to include are spreaders for the cheeses and knives for both the meats and the cheeses. If possible, it is also very nice to add a small cutting board with a cheese dome. These non-food items can be kept for future use.

Meat and cheese gift baskets are simple enough to make on your own if you are willing to do a little shopping in specialty stores, but you don’t have to commit yourself to doing so. You will be able to find plenty of companies to help you create the perfect gift baskets for any occasion locally or on the Internet. Some will have baskets which are complete as they are, while others will offer you the opportunity to select each item to be placed in the basket. You will pay slightly more for the second option, but it can be worth the added expense to ensure that you are able to add your own special touch to your meat and cheese gift baskets.

When you plan to give meat and cheese gift baskets, make sure you take into consideration all the aspects of a proper gift basket and your gift experience will be doubly rewarding.

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