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40th Anniversary Present

A 40th anniversary present is something you will want to make special for the couple to whom you will be giving it. You’ll want to select an item which is tasteful, useful and of the highest quality. Doing so will ensure that the couple receiving your present will love and appreciate their gift for years.

Rubies are the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary present. This can be a bit cost prohibitive if you do not have the budget for rubies, but it may not be a deal breaker. You will have to look hard to select the right 40th anniversary present for a couple, but you can do it if you are dedicated to the project. Ruby earrings for the lady and a ruby tie tack for the gentleman are a lovely way to commemorate a 40th wedding anniversary. Again, this may be a bit of a problem for cost reasons, but you could always team up with someone else wishing to celebrate the anniversary and chip in equal parts for the gift to ensure that you are able to give a fine quality gift.

Rubies can also be incorporated into a 40th anniversary gift in different ways as well. You could buy a lovely picture frame made of crystal with a ruby inlay. Even if you only include one stone, you will be lending your gift a special touch. Once you have selected the perfect frame with the right ruby inlay, try to have the frame personalized with the couple’s names, their wedding date, their anniversary date and the 40 year notation. You could also include a Bible scripture or a special quotation which relates to the couple in some way.

Another gift idea which is somewhat unconventional is to give nasturtium to the couple. These are the traditional flower of the 40th wedding anniversary and are relatively easy to come by. They are known for their bright and showy flowers and simple leaf structure. They are a hardy plant which blooms in late spring or early summer, with a root structure which can survive (subterranean) temperatures of -15 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also known for their complete edibility. The flowers, stems and leaves are all safe for human consumption and can be used in salads, in addition to many other ways. It would be lovely to plant these in the garden of the celebrating couple or to start a garden for the couple with. The seeds are a bit larger than most and once the plant takes hold, grows quite well. It is available in creeping varieties as well as cluster types, which grow to about twelve inches in height. Nasturtium blossoms are traditionally found in shades of whites, yellows, oranges and reds, although modern technology is encouraging the development of many pigment variations.

If you want to give a memorable 40th anniversary present, stick with tradition and develop your gift from there.

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