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40th Birthday Gift Ideas

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

The big 4-0 is a huge event in a person's life and should be celebrated as such. The nice thing about finding 40th birthday gift ideas is that they can be totally out there because it's a fun birthday!

Gag gifts

Everyone knows that when a person turns 40 they're considered "over the hill." As in, they're no longer young and they're headed for old age. Though some people get extra sensitive about turning 40, most people have learned to have a good sense of humor about it. They understand that gag gifts are part of the whole 40th birthday thing. So, if you think your friend or family member will have a good sense of humor about their 40th, feel free to follow through on 40th birthday gift ideas that are a little out there!

Most gag 40th birthday gift ideas poke fun at the person for getting older. You can find all kinds of signs, coffee mugs and t-shirts that have sayings about how old the person is. You can also find over the hill canes. These canes have funny accessories such as a tag that says, "lean on me," or a pedestrian warning sign that says, "slow." Though the person probably won't use this gift, it's good for a laugh.

Other gag 40th birthday gift ideas include memory mints and you're so old playing cards. Memory mints taste like any other mints, but they're supposed to bring back a person's memory. The playing cards have jokes that are similar to "your momma" jokes, but they're "you're so old" jokes instead.

Blast from the past

If you think the birthday boy or girl is going to be a little sensitive about turning 40, get them 40th birthday gift ideas that are thoughtful. Put together a nice scrapbook for them. You don't have to decorate the entire thing. You can do a page for each decade. It's entertaining to see how much a person changes from decade to decade. You can also get the person a 40th birthday gift assortment from This assortment includes all different kinds of candy that have been discontinued, but were popular when the 40-year-old was growing up. Some candies include Neccos, BB Bats, BottleCaps and Candy Cigarettes.

Make them feel young

If you're pretty sure that the person's going to have a midlife crisis moment when they turn 40, find a nice gift that will make them feel good about themselves. Put together a nice spa basket. Include bubble bath, lotion, bath beads, body wash and facial cream. These items will make them relax and feel good when they get out of the bath. Sometimes this is the better option because you don't want someone who's sensitive about their age to open gag 40th birthday gift ideas that make them feel old.

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