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50th Birthday

50th birthdays come around once in a lifetime, so 50th birthday gifts should be as unique as the occasion. Fifty is often considered the new thirty and more and more people want to celebrate being 50 years young. Try to gear gifts for the fifty in your life toward fun and humor.

Fun gifts don’t have to be cheap or trashy, just something which will commemorate a very important date in someone’s life. Fun takes on different meanings dependent upon who the recipient of the gift is, so take their personality into consideration when thinking of the perfect gift item. If fun means goofy, go with that, but if fun is active, lean that way.

If you are looking into a more gag style gift, there are plenty to choose from available. Gag items can be easily purchased now and are growing in popularity. A fun way to joke about turning 50 is to group several items geared toward the elderly such as: multivitamins for the elderly, adult diapers, enemas, hemorrhoid creams, baby food, bibs and denture cream. Sure, it seems a bit cruel, but can be a hilarious combination for the right person. Often, gag gift baskets can be purchased which include all these items and more.

Books are another great gift idea for 50th birthday gifts. There are books available on every topic of aging and the celebration of getting older and wiser. Erma Bombeck’s writings are a great place to start. Her creativity and humor help the birthday person to not take their increasing age too seriously. Other authors have written plenty of similar books, so make sure to check on what is out there and choose something that will tickle the funny bone of the recipient for years to come.

Fifty may also be the perfect time in someone’s life to begin a new activity and what better way to support that than to provide everything a person would need when setting out into a new arena? If your birthday girl has always wanted to quilt, you can build a great gift by starting with some basic quilting books, fabrics, scissors and thread. For a gentleman looking to take up golf, build a starter set for him with tees, balls, markers and a towel or visor. If your birthday person is looking to take music lessons, find out what instrument they would like to learn and provide them the basic tools they will need to start out such as a music stand, guitar pics, reeds, starter sheet music or a cleaning kit made for their instrument. The possibilities are endless.

Put the thought of the 50 year-old in your mind and set out to give them a wonderful and fun birthday gift. Remember, fifty comes one time and you’ll never get a second chance to give the perfect 50th birthday gifts.

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