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50th Wedding Anniversary

The 50th wedding anniversary is a very special event that without a doubt needs to be celebrated. It is the occasion that marks a 50 year union between two people and such a union cannot and should not go unrecognized. That being said let's talk about what the 50th wedding anniversary signifies and some appropriate gift ideas to commemorate this occasion.

In today's dog eat dog world, it is incredible when you find two people who can put all of their differences aside, put one step in front of the other to walk life's path together in holy matrimony and then arrive at the point where they are able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary together. It is even more amazing when the couple who reaches this point, find themselves to be best friends and still in love with each other.

The 50th wedding anniversary is celebrated with a theme of gold which signifies both optimism and wealth. According to, gold is appropriate for this occasion because not only is the metal beautiful but it is strong and resistant to corrosion. This site also tells us that the gemstone for this anniversary is gold, imperial or golden topaz and the flower depicting this momentous occasion is the violet. As you can imagine, gift ideas vary depending on whether the couple is the one exchanging the gift between themselves or if the gift is being presented to them by a family member. I will cover gift ideas for both below.

If the couple is the one exchanging the gift between themselves, then the gift is understandably very personal and intimate – something that is shared, understood and appreciated by just the two of them. Some examples of gift ideas are personalized jewelry, a renewal of wedding vows or a photo album of important events spanning the years they've shared together. On the other hand, if the gift is coming from family members and is being presented to the couple who is celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary then examples of gift ideas include a vacation for the couple, a re-imaging of their wedding photo from 50 years ago, a family quilt or a special dinner for the entire family to include children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren if they exist. Regardless of how it is celebrated, the 50th wedding anniversary is worth all the recognition it could possibly get because it takes special people to achieve the incredible milestone of the 50th wedding anniversary.

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