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50th Anniversary Ornament

50th Anniversary Ornament

Instead of getting someone a 50th anniversary gift, try getting him or her a 50th anniversary ornament.

What is a 50th anniversary ornament?

A 50th anniversary ornament literally is an ornament. They're usually little figurines that have a string, ribbon or other device attached to the top so they can be hung. However, unlike a Christmas ornament, these ornaments are not meant to hang on a tree. Couples usually hang them on a wall in their house as part of their decorations. However, you can get a Christmas 50th anniversary ornament that is meant to hang on the tree.

A 50th anniversary ornament usually is some kind of character representation of the couple. Sometimes it's two glass or ceramic figures holding hands. Many times it's a young couple so the 50th anniversary couple can look at it and remember when they first fell in love. You can personalize these wedding anniversary gifts so that they look like the couple. Many places that sell ceramic family tree characters will also sell all kinds of ornaments. Some will feature a blonde haired, blue eye girl and a brown eyed brown haired couple together. Others will have a blonde couple, fat couple, skinny couple, a woman with a dimple and a man with a moustache, etc. All you have to do is find the one that most looks like the couple you're giving the gift to.

If you don’t want to get a 50th anniversary ornament that looks just like the couple, you can get one that looks like a wedding cake, wedding rings or a heart. You can usually add the couple's wedding anniversary date to these. You can find places that have these ornaments at a mall or on-line. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask the clerk. They're always very helpful.

When to give your gift

You can really give your 50th anniversary ornament to the couple whenever you want to. If you want to make it an intimate gift giving ceremony, make sure to give it to the couple when no one's around. Maybe set up a date and time to go over to their house and give them the gift. Or, you could take them out to dinner and give them the gift there.

If the couple is planning on having a 50th wedding anniversary party and you want to be around a crowd of people to give them their gift, you can do it then. This is a good time to give them their gift if the gift is from more than just one person. Traditionally a group will present a gift after the toast is given. A 50th wedding anniversary ornament is a nice token to give to a couple that's celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

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