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Anniversary Gifts by Year

Anniversary Gifts by Year

A good way to buy anniversary gifts, is by divvying up anniversary gifts by year.

Just starting out

Tradition holds that every anniversary a couple is supposed to get each other something made from a different substance. For the first anniversary, couples are supposed to get each other something made of paper, such as stationary or a paper lamp shade. The second year is cotton, the third leather, the fourth linen or silk and the fifth wood. The nice thing about anniversary gifts by year, is that they've vague enough that you can get creative. When wood is recommended, you probably shouldn't hand your wife a chunk of timber. However, you could get her that nice porch furniture she's wanted or get her a sturdy hiking stick for a long walk in the woods.

These traditional anniversary gifts by year have been updated. Now you can find traditional gifts by the year as well as modern anniversary gifts by year. In the modern gift giving world, paper replaces clocks, china replaced cotton, crystal or glass replaces leather, appliances replace silk and silverware replaces wood. Incidentally all of the modern materials are more expensive than the traditional ones. So, if you're on a budget, you might want to stick with tradition. If not, get your husband a nice office clock for your first wedding anniversary.

The biggies

Anniversary gifts by year get bigger and more expensive as the years go by. The first big anniversary — the couples' 10th anniversary, calls for tin or aluminum. Though these two products aren't that expensive, the modern gift for a 10 year anniversary is. The modern couple is supposed to exchange diamonds at year 10. At year 15, they either exchange crystal or watches. The 20th anniversary goes to china or platinum for the more modern couple. Platinum is a very popular wedding band for young couples so you might want to get him or her a buffed up wedding band.

On year 25, you're supposed to get your spouse silver or sterling silver. Again, this anniversary gifts by year will probably include some kind of jewelry. You could also get a sterling silver picture frame so the couple can put up a nice picture of themselves or their family. Year 30 requires a pearl or a diamond, depending on whether the couple takes the traditional or modern stance. Year 40 is a ruby either way you toss it. Year 50 is gold for modern and traditional and year 60 is diamond for modern and traditional.

Once get to 80 years of marriage, you get more than one stone, for example you get a diamond and a pearl. Paying for double stones from year 80 and up is a really expensive way to celebrate anniversary gifts by year!

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