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Anniversary Wine Gift Basket

Anniversary Wine Gift Basket

An anniversary wine gift basket can be a wonderful way to commemorate a wedding anniversary. Gift baskets are elegant and indulgent, and are the perfect thing to get any kind of celebration started. Best of all, an anniversary wine gift basket can be perfectly tailored to the couple, making their special day even more memorable.

Many anniversary wine gift baskets come with one or more bottles of wine, a pair of wine glasses, and some light food items that pair well with wine. Popular foods that are often included in anniversary wine gift baskets can include crackers, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. For a more gourmet snack, you may want to consider including smoked fish, caviar, and chocolate-dipped fruit.

Some companies that offer anniversary wine gift baskets can allow you to personalize them with a very wide variety of choices of wine; others may offer a more limited selection. The type of wine and number of bottles you choose to include in an anniversary wine gift basket will depend on factors such as the couple's preferences and your budget. If you know the couple rarely agrees on a type of wine, and one person prefers red while the other enjoys white, you may want to consider including one bottle of each in the anniversary wine gift basket. Or, avoid the decision of red or white altogether and opt for a bottle of champagne instead! If you do that, be sure to find out whether champagne flutes can be included in the basket rather than standard wine glasses.

For a truly special anniversary wine gift basket, consider trying to include wines with the same vintage as the year the couple was married. Depending on the particular year and the popularity of those wines, this can be easy or difficult. To take this sort of personalization of the anniversary wine gift basket even further, you may want to try to find out what wines were served at their wedding reception. What better way for the couple to toast their anniversary than with the wine they toasted with on the day they were wed?

With glasses, wine, and light snacks, an anniversary wine gift basket is a gift that is sure to please any couple celebrating an anniversary. Having the basket delivered as a surprise on a romantic anniversary trip can make it even more special. If you anticipate the couple will be enjoying their anniversary wine gift basket away from home, be sure to have the basket include a corkscrew.

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