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50th Anniversary Party

50th Anniversary Party

Your 50th anniversary party should be representative of your life together. You can decide if you want to celebrate alone or with family and friends.

50th anniversary party ideas

Not very many people make it to their 50th wedding anniversary. But for those who do, it's a huge deal especially with divorce rates hovering above 50 percent. You can really celebrate your 50th anniversary however you want to, just make sure to celebrate it. You can choose to keep the celebration between you and your spouse, or you can decide to have an all out bash. Having a 50th anniversary party is a wonderful way to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Get ready to party

A couple's 50th wedding anniversary is considered their golden anniversary. So, when you're planning your 50th anniversary party, plan on getting a lot of gold accented decorations. You can send out invitations that are outlined in gold. Throw some gold "50ths" into the envelope to liven up the invitation. Invite your guests to a big party hosted at your house or a large dinner at a local restaurant.

A lot of couples that plan a 50th anniversary party actually invite the guests to a second wedding. Basically they ask their guests to come to a ceremony in which they renew their vows. Though the guest list may have changed, vow renewals are very special events. You can make this as extravagant or as basic as you want.

Celebrating alone

If you want to celebrate your anniversary with your spouse and leave the partying for the younger generation, plan a romantic getaway. Instead of having a 50th anniversary party, pick a place that you've always wanted to go and book a ticket! If you're having a hard time choosing between destinations, go with the golden anniversary theme. Since it's your "golden" anniversary you could go to the Gold Coast or to Golden, Colorado. You could also interpret "golden" to mean "sunny" and head for a Caribbean vacation.

Not everyone has the travel bug. If you're more of a homebody, do something with your spouse that recognizes all of the time you've spent together. Some couples really get into scrap booking. This pastime helps preserve memories and allows the couple to look back on their life together. Instead of having a large 50th anniversary party, you can ask a few of your family members to come over and help you put together the scrapbook. You could ask them to help you plant a tree in your backyard. As you know, trees live for a long time and planting a tree with your spouse can commemorate how your love has grown. You don't have to have a 50th anniversary party, just don't forget to celebrate such a wonderful day!

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