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Aromatherapy Gift Basket

Aromatherapy gift basket

An aromatherapy gift basket is a fabulous way to help the hard worker in your family relax.

Incorporating aromatherapy in the spa experience

Aromatherapy uses soothing scents to calm your nerves and put you at ease. Aromatherapy is usually used in candles or in potpourri because these are the easiest ways to carry the scent to your nose. Choosing an aromatherapy gift basket will put your loved one to ease after a long day of work. These baskets are also referred to as spa baskets because they incorporate the entire spa experience. They generally include one aromatherapy candle, a soap bar, perfumed body powder, body cream, a loofah, a loofah mitt, a bath brush massager and a pumice stone and foot brush. The idea being that the gift recipient light the candle and then, while the room is filling with the soothing scent of lavender or chamomile, draw up a nice warm bath. All of the other items in the spa package can either be used in the bath or when the person gets out of the bath.

If you want to get a deluxe aromatherapy gift basket, include a pair of nice slippers or a thick robe in the gift basket. This will make the gift basket more expensive, but it's a lovely gesture and the gift recipient will just love it. You can go all out and have the slippers and the robe embroidered with the person's initials. This makes for a great birthday or Christmas present.

You might be thinking that the aromatherapy gift basket sounds like something that's a female-only gift. Not true. These gifts are wonderful for men as well. All you have to do is get on-line or go to your local spa and you'll be able to find a basket that's geared toward men. These baskets tend to include manlier scents and more masculine looking products, but they have the same result. An aromatherapy gift basket for men might include sandalwood body wash and body bar, a shaving brush and soap dish, shaving soap and a pumice stone, nailbrush, bath brush and body massager. Unlike the loofah, these massaging items have a nice wooden backing so they look more masculine.

Enjoying the scent of it

Though most people associate aromatherapy with spa gift baskets because aromatherapy is relaxing and is used in these baskets, you don’t have to go with the spa them to get your aromatherapy gift basket. Instead, get a gift basket that is entirely focused on scent. You can get a basket that only include aromatherapy candles and potpourri. If you include potpourri in this aromatherapy gift basket, make sure to include a potpourri dish so the person has a place to put the potpourri.

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