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Baby Gift Ideas

There is no event quite like a new baby and the birth definately calls for an extra special gift. If you're like most, you've been thinking about baby gift ideas since you heard about the impending bundle of joy. Now is the time to go out and get that perfect gift.

One of the easiest baby gifts ideas to give is a gift basket, filled with items that the new parents will be able to use. Choose from one of our extrordinary baskets, or search around to find exactly what you like. If you're still not finding exactly what you want, fill a Radio Flyer wagon with stuffed animals, onsies, bottles and pacifiers. Buy a baby bathtub and fill it with lotions, bath washes, shampoos and a cute, fluffy towel.

Baby gifts ideas might include something for the whole family. Start with the basics for the new baby, diapers, lotions, formula, blankets, and little hats. If this is a first child for the happy couple, include a book for dad to read to the new baby and some soothing music or lavender based lotions and bath salts for mom. If this is an addition to an already formed sibling base, include things that the older brothers and sister will enjoy, such as books about siblings, bathtub crayons or their very own scrapbooks so that they can commemorate the ocassion in any fashion they like.

Other baby gift ideas are to send a Congratulations basket from Gift Baskets Remembered. We have an extensive line of baskets that will suit any need or craving that might occur after the delivery. It is always nice for the new parents to have snacks at their disposal when they are up at all hours. Also, new parents are often so overwhelmed when they first come home from the hospital, you could volunteer to come over and wash dishes or prepare dinner while they rest and enjoy their new bundle of joy; if they have children, offer to babysit while they get some sleep.

An excellent way to find baby gift ideas is to check with the new grandparents to see if there is anything on the original baby registry that was not purchased. Often times, you will find that the larger items get purchased because they are the most expensive and the most taxing on the new couple. If there are smaller items left on the registry, take a shopping trip, pack them up in a large, flexible wicker basket that can double as a small basinet for impromptu nap times. The new parents can take their baby in to every room with them if they choose.

When putting together baby gift ideas, consider what items may be useful down the road. The new parents may have gotten a dozen onsies in size 0-3 months, but none in a 12 month size. Don't be afraid to buy things that they will use several months down the road. Baby gift ideas a fun to come up with and result in a wonderful and thoughtful gift; give it with pride.

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