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Baby Girl Gifts

Baby Girl Gifts

Baby girl gifts can run the gamut from the practical to the whimsical and everything in between. When picking out baby girl gifts, consider looking a little beyond the immediate and selecting gifts that can be used as the baby grows. Baby gifts often focus on the newborn stage and very small sizes; most parents will appreciate baby girl gifts that can also be used after they and their and baby girl have settled in to their new life together.

Some very practical baby girl gifts include snap-bottom tee-shirts, socks, and blankets. Consider selecting a theme, such as bunnies or rainbows, or a particular color, and purchasing a few different sizes of shirts or socks in this same theme or color. Colorful blankets make good baby girl gifts that can grow with the child, especially if they are a bit on the larger side. While pastel colors, especially pink and yellow, are traditionally associated with baby girl gifts don't be afraid to seek out other color palettes; many parents will appreciate splashes of other colors.

Unique baby girl gifts can include handmade items such as decorated picture frames or scrapbooks. Almost all parents love to take pictures of their new babies, and having beautifully decorated scrapbook pages or picture frames can provide the perfect way for them to show off their precious bundle. Personalized wall hangings with the baby's name, birth date and time, and weight also make terrific one-of-a-kind baby girl gifts.

Gift baskets filled with baby-related items also make wonderful baby girl gifts. You may want to select gifts that come packaged in a laundry basket or hamper, diaper stacker, or other reusable item that will make life easier for the new parents. Popular items to include in baby girl gift baskets include hooded towels, small bottles of baby washes and lotions, and travel-sized packages of baby wipes.

When selecting baby girl gifts, don't forget to think about the new parents, too. Aromatherapy gift baskets can make great, non-traditional baby shower gift. A basket of pink lotions or baby-scented products can make a great baby girl gift. Any expectant mother will surely appreciate being able to pamper herself a little, either before or after the arrival of her new little girl. A gift basket with soothing decaffeinated teas and coffees, along with some yummy treats, can also help ease all of those late nights and early mornings.

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