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50th wedding anniversary gift uk

A 50th wedding anniversary gift UK style is a gift which reflects taste and distinction with a touch of time honored traditions. Keeping with traditions which have stood the test of time is always a good idea.

A 50th wedding anniversary gift UK style will include gifts with a touch of gold as this is the known as the “Golden Anniversary.” Any gift with a bit of gold or which is completely gold will make fabulous gift items. Great things to consider giving will be: wine glasses with gold rims, goblets with gold rims, gold gilded picture frames with personalization, golden candlesticks, gold gilded platters, and China with gold accents. If you are looking for a golden gift which is a classic, but is a little out of the ordinary, consider having roses dipped and preserved in gold. This can be a little expensive, but if you would like to give the happy couple 50 gold roses, ask each guest at the party to contribute one and give a complete 50 rose bouquet. One thing is certain, they are sure not to have another 50 count golden rose bouquet.

The traditional flower in keeping with a 50th wedding anniversary gift UK style is the violet. Violets are lovely, simple flowers which lend a touch of class to any occasion. Live violets can be a bit difficult to sustain for giving and cut violets have absolutely no shelf life, but you can use violets in many ways for a 50th wedding anniversary gift UK style. Consider artificial flower arrangements with violets in a variety of styles. Even though violets are a traditional flower, they can be used in more modern arrangements. You can base the arrangement on violets and fill in with other flowers or you can use the violets as accents. If a floral arrangement is not an option, you can give a framed print or wall hanging of violets as well. These violets will keep well forver.

Gold jewelry is also an appropriate gift in keeping with a 50th wedding anniversary gift UK style. Gold jewelry can be very affordable if you are careful with your shopping. Consider bracelets, charms, lockets, earrings, tie tacks or clips, necklaces or necklaces with pendants. Any of these would be a lovely gift. You will want to ensure that the jewelry pieces (male and female) will compliment one another.


Whatever you decide to give, gold and violets are wonderful traditions to stick to when giving a 50th wedding anniversary gift UK style.

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