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Basket Gift Ideas

Basket Gift Ideas

Basket gift ideas can be personalized to fit almost any recipient and any occasion. From simple to extraordinary, it can be easy to come up with basket gift ideas to suit any situation when you keep a few simple thoughts in mind. Coming up with a theme for the basket, being creative about both the container and the contents, and personalizing it for your specific giving needs are important to help turn your basket gift ideas into fabulous presents.

When you start thinking of basket gift ideas, it is very helpful to determine a theme for the baskets. A central theme can help you decide what to put into the basket and help tie everything in the basket together. The occasion for the gift may provide a theme, such as a gift basket to be given at a baby shower. In some cases, the recipient may spark ideas for the theme of the gift basket, such as a gift for someone who loves gourmet teas or an avid reader.

Don't limit your basket gift ideas to actual baskets. Using your theme as a guide, explore other possibilities for containers to hold your gifts. For a golfer, some basket gift ideas might include buckets like those used to hold balls at driving ranges or small soft-sided coolers shaped like golf bags. Basket gift ideas for wedding showers might start with a decorative bird cage that could be used at the wedding reception to hold cards from well-wishers, or a champagne bucket the couple could use on special occasions throughout their marriage. Creative thought about the "basket" itself can lead to terrific basket gift ideas for the contents of the baskets as well.

Allow your theme to inspire the items you put in the basket as well. Some great basket gift ideas for a housewarming gift can include tea towels, decorative soaps, and small jars of spices. For a baby shower, basket gift ideas can include traditional baby items such as socks and bonnets, but also consider twisting baby washcloths into flowers to decorate the basket, or using washcloths to individually wrap small bottles of baby washes or lotions.

It is helpful to have some sort of filler material in the bottom of the gift basket, to help make arranging the gift items easier as well as to provide cushioning. While shredded paper or tissue is commonly used for this purpose, fun basket gift ideas can incorporate this filler material into the gift. The tea towels used for a housewarming basket need not be folded neatly into the basket; they can be "fluffed" and used as the base for the other contents. Likewise, basket gift ideas for cooks could utilize aprons or pot holders for this purpose.

Deciding on a theme and allowing yourself to be imaginative are two of the keys to terrific basket gift ideas. Keep in mind the personalities of the recipients and remember that there are no rules when it comes to basket gift ideas.

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