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Birthday Gift Basket

Birthday Gift Basket

Your birthday gift basket can include anything you want. Food, books, pampering accessories and gift cards are very popular options for a birthday gift basket.

Giving someone a birthday gift basket

Giving someone a birthday gift basket is like giving them a Christmas stocking full of surprises. These baskets can literally contain anything small enough to fit in a basket and they usually contain an array of items. So, rather than getting one present to unravel, the gift recipient gets a bunch of little stuff that will make them smile. These baskets are perfect gifts for family and friends that live out of state because they're very easy to ship. You can find your birthday gift basket on-line, at specialty stores or at your local mall.

Sticking with a theme

It's easy to find a generally themed birthday gift basket. One popular option is the movie themed birthday gift basket. This basket includes movie snacks such as popcorn, candy and candy corn. You can also include a book of movie reviews or a set of movies. If the person loves 80s movies, get them a box set of the best 80s movies, including the Breakfast Club and include them in the package. These are great gifts for the movie lover in your family. If the person prefers to go to movies, get a few movie passes to your local movie theatre and add them to the basket.

For the girly girl, look for a birthday gift basket that is also a makeover kit. This basket would include nail polish, manicure and pedicure tools, a headband, facemask, bubble bath, body wash and scented lotion. To personalize this birthday gift basket, also include slippers and a nice bathrobe that are embroidered with her initials.

The sports maniac will love a birthday gift basket that includes lots of different sports paraphernalia of his favorite sports team. In this package include a hat, t-shirt, magnets, drink ice cubes, a beer cup, a banner and a bottle opener that are covered with his team's logo or mascot. If you're feeling really generous, you can also include tickets to a game.

If you're having a hard time coming up with a themed birthday gift basket, get a general birthday gift basket. A simple birthday gift basket might include different types of chocolate, dipping pretzels, cheese, crackers and cookies. Gift baskets that include chocolate and only chocolate are also a huge hit. Many of these gift baskets are actually chocolate towers because they're stacked boxes of chocolate. Wine and cheese gift baskets are also great gifts. They include different types of wine, cheese, crackers and other toppings. You can find a basket that's perfect for any palette. The birthday gift basket is an exceptional way to deliver birthday goods to your friends and family.

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