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16th Birthday Party

Your daughter or son's 16th birthday party doesn't have to be anything like the lavish events they see on MTV. All you need to do is come up with a theme, invite some good friends and your kids will have a blast.

Gearing up for the party

The first thing you need to do when planning a 16th birthday party is come up with a party theme. Parties are a heck of a lot more fun if they're based around a theme. Now, to start brainstorming theme ideas, ask you kid what he or she would like have as a theme. The kids will have a pretty good idea of what they want. If you're planning a surprise party, don't panic. There are some basic themes that most 16-year-olds will go along with.

One great idea for the 16th birthday party you're planning is a luau. This idea will only work for a summer birthday so sit tight for some winter 16th birthday party ideas. You can easily have a luau party at your house. All you need is a grill and a lot of decorations. Good decorations for a luau include grass skirts, flip flop piƱatas, leis and tropical flowers. Make sure that your invitations specify that the guests will be attending a luau. If you want them to get dressed up or wear swimming suits, tell them to do so. Otherwise they may end up coming in boring old street clothes.

For a winter birthday, try a movie or Hollywood theme. You can either base this 16th birthday party idea off of one specific movie or movie genre or you can go with an era. For example, you could host a 1940s-themed party and have everyone dress up as a Hollywood type from that period. Or, you could go more modern and have everyone dress up as their favorite movie character from a movie that's been produced in the last 10 years. It's really fun to have a birthday party that is also a costume party.

Set some guidelines

When you're planning a 16th birthday party, it's very important to set some guidelines. Kids love to go to parties and they prefer not to be supervised, but it's imperative that they be supervised, especially at this age. Well before the kids arrive, lay out some ground rules for your child. Tell them if they can invite members of the opposite sex, tell them when you want everyone to go home and make it clear that drugs and alcohol will not be welcome at the party. Then, when the kids arrive, kindly run through the rules. This will prevent you 16th birthday party from turning into a mess.

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