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Breakfast Gift Baskets

Breakfast Gift baskets

What better way to start the day than with a hearty breakfast? Breakfast gift baskets are an all-in-one solution to starting the day on the right foot!

Why choose breakfast gift baskets

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but short of cereal and the occasional piece of toast, most people do not keep breakfast items on hand. Giving someone breakfast gift baskets ensures that they'll be able to fire up those perfect Saturday morning pancakes whenever they feel like it. Breakfast gift baskets are also easy gifts to give. Instead of digging around a store for the perfect gift, you can just get on-line and order the breakfast lover something they're sure to enjoy.

What kind of breakfast gift baskets are out there?

There really are all kinds of breakfast gift baskets out there. You can get baskets that include regional breakfast items, comprehensive breakfast items or some kind of random mixture of breakfast items. New England inspired breakfast gift baskets might include pancake mix, Vermont maple syrup, blueberries from Maine and country smoked bacon. If you wanted to get really creative, you could also include a book of regional breakfast recipes. These can be found at county fairs and local bookstores. You can also ask that your breakfast gift baskets include a bed and breakfast tray so the gift recipient can enjoy their breakfast in bed.

Pancake inspired breakfast gift baskets would obviously include at least one pancake mix and one type of syrup. It might also include several different types of gourmet jams, peanut butter, apple butter and nuts. People like different things on their pancakes and any pancake lover will appreciate a variety.

Breakfast gift baskets can also include a mixture of coffee, tea and breakfast treats such as biscottis. These breakfast gift baskets are a good idea for the person who loves coffee and tea, but doesn't really dig the big breakfast. Again, you can choose a mixture of these items or you can go with a regional gift basket. If you can't find pre-made gift baskets that suit your needs, find the items you like and put together your own gift basket.

Some alternative baskets

Good breakfast gift baskets can also cure an unpleasant hangover. Many breakfast gift basket companies have hangover helper breakfast gift baskets. A gourmet Bloody Mary mix will help take the edge off, especially if you've had a particularly rough night. You can include the actual alcohol, but be aware that this will really drive up the cost of your basket. The baskets may also include stuffed olives and lots of meat. Everyone knows that greasy morning food can help cure a booming headache. Let these hangover helper breakfast gift baskets help the gift recipient recover quickly!

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