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Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal shower gifts are a must for any friend of a soon to be bride. You’ll want to make every gift one that she’ll use and cherish for years.

Bridal shower gifts are great when you combine many items in one gift. This serves a dual purpose in that you are not only giving her things she will need as she establishes her own home but also a creative meld of items. When you are putting together the bride’s gift, know her registry and try to choose items from it.

You can also include items you have come to love in your home as well. A very nice thing to do if you plan on adding these types of items is to include a quick note of why you find the item so indispensable. Many new brides are also new to the kitchen and may not be comfortable with all the new tools they are to receive at their bridal showers, so a little note tells her that you are thinking of her and how to use the item properly.

If the bride does happen to be new to working in a kitchen or does not consider herself a good cook, try to find items which are great for beginners to have on hand. These are kitchen basics like wooden spoons, non-stick cookware and nylon tools, different types of produce peelers, produce brushes, can and bottle openers and tongs. These items can be put together in a basket and wrapped nicely. It will thrill any bride to be given a present like this.

If you are looking to provide items for the bathroom as bridal shower gifts, make sure you know what the bride’s colors are. Usually brides will register at one or two stores with their color and pattern selections in addition to their table ware and small appliance wishes. A great bathroom basket will include at least two towels, two hand towels and two washcloths. You can also add bath mats or shower curtains to help outfit the bathroom well.

Additional items to provide at the bridal shower are things for the family room. You can always gift throw pillows in the bride’s choice of décor or floral arrangements. Picture frames are fabulous bridal shower gifts as they are ready and waiting for the wedding photos as soon as they have been printed. Provide a few which compliment each other in different sizes to accommodate a myriad of photos.

Don’t forget to add a card so the bride to be will know who to thank for her wonderful bridal shower gifts.

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