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Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaids gifts

Bridesmaids gifts should be something that will cause the ladies in your wedding to look back fondly on your precious day.

For the bathroom

One phenomenal bridesmaid gift is the spa or bathroom oriented bridesmaids gifts. Women love to be pampered. While you probably can't afford to send all of your ladies to an all-inclusive spa, you can afford to pick out some nice spa accessories. Find some nice satin, silk or terry cloth bags and fill them with mud masks, shampoos, conditioner, bath beads, combs and foot lotion. Bubble bath and mini candles are also a great addition to this bag. Though your ladies probably won't have a whole lot of time to relax during your wedding, they'll have something to look forward to once the big day's over. Being a bridesmaid can be difficult, especially if you have a high maintenance bride. So take care of your girls and give them something to pamper themselves with.

Personalize it

Personalizing bridesmaids gifts is becoming increasingly popular. You can personalize nearly anything. Remember that your bridesmaids are adults and probably don't want their names plastered over everything they own. However, they might like a nice canvass overnight bag that has their initials on it. Or how about a toiletry bag that indiscreetly had their initials on the front cover? These personalized gifts come in all shapes and sizes and are a big hit among bridesmaids.

Leather photo boxes are also great-personalized bridesmaids gifts. This will be especially helpful when all of the girls start getting tons of wedding pictures. Now they'll actually have a place to put them! This type of gift usually comes in brown and black leather. You can also find them in different patterns, though these aren't usually leather.

Sexy mama

Not that your bridesmaids need any kind of spicing up, but makeup and other girlie accessories make great bridesmaids gifts. Make a little make up bag for each of your girls. When you're doing this, think about each girl's coloring. You don't want to give a very fair skinned bridesmaid dark lipstick because it will wash her out.

Some Web sites actually allow you to choose lip gloss colors and then name them after the girl. You could name light pink "Sarah" and the company will put "Sarah" on the outside of the lip gloss container.

Another way to make your ladies feel sexy is by giving them earrings or other jewelry that they can wear on their wedding day. Try to pick jewelry that they can wear again. For example, if your dresses are purple, go for silver earrings. Not all girls wear purple and it's much easier to find something that matches silver earrings instead of purple earrings.

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