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Candle Gift Baskets

Candle Gift Baskets

Candle gift baskets can make many different forms. Some companies sell pre-assembled candle gift baskets, while others allow you to customize the baskets to suit your needs. You may also want to consider making your own candle gift baskets, which will allow you to tailor the baskets to meet any needs and fit any budget.

Many candle gift baskets focus around a central theme, such as a particular color or the occasion for the gift-giving. It is particularly helpful when you are making your own candle gift baskets to have a theme. This helps ensure the items in the basket tit together well and can make the completed basket look more professionally assembled. Particular scents or special colors are great ways to create themes for candle gift baskets. If the occasion is a baby shower, you may want to opt for a pink or blue theme, if the gender of the baby is known, or a mix of the two colors, yellow or green if the gender is not known. Some flowers that make good themes for candle gift baskets include gardenias, roses, and sunflowers. Let the recipients as well as the occasions help guide you in choosing themes for candle gift baskets.

Obviously, most candle gift baskets include candles. You may opt for a variety of different styles of candles, such as tinned candles, candles in glass jars, pillars, and votives. These can all be of the same scent or, if you are feeling adventurous, you may want to try blending complementary scents within a single basket. For recipients who do not like or may be allergic to scented candles, you can also unscented candles in your candle gift baskets. These candles come in many different beautiful colors and styles, but without the added scents.

Some other popular items to include in candle gift baskets can be flowers (either real or artificial), potpourri, bath items, and stationery. You may also want to include reusable long-handled butane lighters to candle gift baskets, to make lighting the candles even easier. To add a really upscale touch, consider adding a silver candle snuffer and wick trimmer to a candle gift basket.

Candle gift baskets are popular gifts for nearly any occasion. From fun and carefree to elegant and extraordinary, candle gift baskets can be personalized to suit any recipient or any occasion. From a simple basket of coordinated votives to a dazzling array of complementary sizes, styles, and colors, there are Candle gift baskets for every individual and every budget.

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