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50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Your 50th wedding anniversary is your golden anniversary and is an event that not many people make it to. So if you can, you should definitely sit down and think of some 50th wedding anniversary party ideas.

Staying at home

When brainstorming 50th wedding anniversary party ideas, determine whether you want to have the party at your house or at a different venue. Some houses are great party houses, no matter what the occasion because they have plenty of space and places for people to sit. However, lots of houses are not large enough or outfitted for a big bash. To help you decide if you need to have the party at your house, write out a guest list. An intimate party that includes a few of your closest friends or family members could probably remain at your house.

If you do decide on 50th wedding anniversary party ideas that will take place at your house, consider hosting either a cocktail party or a cook out. Cocktail parties are more formal events and don't usually include children. A barbeque can include all age groups, but it's not as formal. If you have a cocktail party, decorate your house with gold and black accents. This is a classic look and the gold represents the fact that it's your golden anniversary. Though you can keep the golden look going for a barbeque, you might want to do something a little more fun. Try having a Hawaiian themed party or a pig roast. You can decorate with leas, grass skirts, coconuts and other beach items.

Taking it out of the house

For larger bashes, or, if you're sick of being in your house, plan the party at a restaurant or event center. A restaurant setting is good for 15-30 people. For this amount of people you can usually rent out a party room. Though the meal will be expensive, it's worth having everyone share the special day with you. An event hall will hold a much larger crew. If you want to invite more than 50 people, consider renting out a hall and having the food catered. At a hall you can also get live music or other forms of entertainment perform. If you use these 50th wedding anniversary ideas, you could actually renew your vows because there will be plenty of people to witness the ceremony. Oddly enough, most of the people in attendance, such as your kids, grandkids and other friends, probably missed your first wedding ceremony. You can try to make the ceremony as authentic as the original. Call in the same band, use the same type of decorations and add any other detail that will remind you of the first time you said, "I do." When you're going over 50th wedding anniversary party ideas, just remember to have fun with it!

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