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50th Wedding

50th Wedding Anniversary Toast

Your 50th wedding anniversary toast can be anything you want it to be, but if you're having trouble thinking of a good toast, take a look at some of these suggestions.

Getting over writer's block

Chances are if you have to make a 50th wedding anniversary toast, you're going to have to make it in front of several people. So, what are you supposed to say? That really depends. Sometimes one of the spouses makes the toast. Other times close friends or family members will make the toast. It's really the host's job to make the toast so if you're hosting your own party you should make the toast and if someone else is throwing the bash, the ball is in their court.

Now that we have the etiquette piece out of the way, what are you supposed to say? If you're having a hard time thinking of what to say, sit down and start writing. Write a list of words that remind you of the couple. While you're doing this, feel free to ask others who know the couple well if they can come up with a few words that remind them of the couple. If you're giving your own 50th wedding anniversary toast, sit down and think of how you would define your partnership. Once you've finished with this exercise, brainstorm some specific instances that represent the characteristics you've already listed. These can be funny or endearing, or both, it really depends on the couple. As you start compiling these lists, you'll see your toast start to come together. Keep in mind that your toast should be no longer than five minutes. People start to get antsy and their arms get sore from holding up their glasses if they have to stand there for much longer. If you're nervous about giving the toast, take a note card to the party with you. Even if you don't use it, you'll feel more comfortable knowing that you have a safety net.

Giving the toast

A 50th wedding anniversary toast should be given after everyone's been seated and the guests are ready to enjoy their meal. If you're at a restaurant, make sure to give the toast before the food is served. It's really distracting to give a toast when the waiters are running around dropping off food. Giving the toast immediately after the food arrives also isn't a good idea because it might get cold.

To make the 50th wedding anniversary toast extra special, deliver it while holding a gold rimmed champagne glass. A person's 50th wedding anniversary is their golden wedding anniversary so this accessory just makes it that much more authentic. As long as you're speaking from the heart and deliver the 50th wedding anniversary toast in a timely manner, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

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