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Christening Gifts

Christening Gifts

For families where God plays an integral role in daily life, a child's christening is baby's first big event worthy of christening gifts.

What is a christening and why do I need a gift?

A christening is Catholic tradition where the family celebrates its new baby by giving it a spiritual cleansing. For Catholics, the christening is a huge event because it's when God is recognized in the baby's life. Most Catholic families will stage a huge event around the christening, inviting family members and close friends to attend the event. Afterwards the family usually hosts some kind of brunch or party. It's at this point that they accept and open christening gifts.

If the family invites you to the baby's christening, you should send christening gifts even if you decide not to attend the event. Those of you who don't feel comfortable getting the baby a religion oriented gift can get the baby a traditional baby gift, such as a toy or a little outfit.

Traditional christening gifts

Rosaries are very popular christening gifts. Most towns have some kind of religious book store or Catholic book store where you can find a rosary for the baby. Baby rosaries tend to come in blue, white and pink. They usually come with sort of bag for safekeeping as well as Our Lady's flowers. Some baby christening Web sites have rosaries that can be kept in the pouch of a teddy bear. If you get the baby this kind of rosary, make sure that the parents know the rosary is in the pouch so they can take it out and hang it on the wall until the child is older. Young babies should not have unsupervised access to rosaries because they could choke on a bead.

Popular christening gifts also include memory picture frames. These frames usually have a cross or a psalm in one corner of the frame and then have a place for pictures in the remaining three corners. Some of these christening gifts also have an area for baby's first curl and baby's first tooth.

To help put baby to sleep, find a wind up music box that has an angel on top and plays a hymn. You can also find a mobile that features angels and lambs. These christening gifts will also put baby to sleep.

Other suggestions

Non-Catholics don't always feel comfortable giving religious gifts that don't necessarily fit with what they believe. If you feel this way, find alternative christening gifts. A nice book, rattle, game or toy is always a great gift for the baby. You could also send the little one a baby gift basket that includes toys, clothes and a book. Christening gifts don’t always have to be affiliated with religion.

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