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Christian Gift Baskets

Christian gift baskets are a wonderful opportunity to give something nice to your secret sister from church. She’s someone special who you may have come to know in a whole new light. If so, you’ll want to give her a gift basket with inspirational Christian items she’ll love to have.

If you’ll be giving your secret sister Christian gift baskets, you’ll want to be careful about your budget, especially since many secret sister programs ask the members of the club to adhere to a price limit on gifts such as $20 per gift or $25 per month. This is important because it keeps any of the participants from feeling like they aren’t getting from the club what they are putting in and it keeps participants from going overboard. You’ll want to stick to Christian gift baskets which make it possible for you to maintain that budget.

Staying within a price range by no means translates to giving cheapie gifts. Rather, it should serve as a springboard for you to be creative and thoughtful. Try to give Christian gift baskets which serve the soul and rejuvenate the Spirit within. Most Christians will already have a Bible which they are attached to, but you can consider including in your Christian gift baskets accessories for her to use with her Bible. You can find Bible covers in many styles and fabrics suitable for a lady of any taste. These will ensure that she is able to keep her Bible in good shape. You might want to also include highlighter markers for marking Scriptures, a lighted magnifying glass for reading footnotes or concordance, and several small bookmarks for Bible study.

No matter how dedicated the Christian, anyone can benefit from more Bible study. It is great to include Scripture study guides for women with respect to the Old or New Testaments, the individual books of the Bible, parenthood, marriage or anything else, especially if you know of struggles she may be having in her life. If you will be giving Christian gift baskets with Scripture study guides, you can include pens, highlighters, small notebooks, adhesive note pads, and note cards.

Even when you least expect it, your secret sister from church is thinking about you and praying for you. You would do well to think of your secret sister in a similar way when it is time to give her a token of your affection for her. Think of the simple things when you are creating the perfect Christian gift baskets and you’ll be doubly blessed.

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