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Christmas Food Baskets

Christmas Food Baskets

It's the most wonderful time of year, but it's also the best time of year to overindulge on sweets and other holiday goodies! Make this Christmas extra special by sending along Christmas food baskets.

Why should I send a Christmas food basket?

Christmas food baskets are a great gift for anyone. They're awesome gifts for people you know because you can fill them with their favorite foods. However, they're also great gifts for those you don't know very well especially if stick with a traditional basket. There's bound to be something in there that the person wants to eat!

Christmas food baskets are wonderful gifts to bring to holiday parties because the host or hostess can open them on the spot and share them with the rest of the party. You can find Christmas food baskets at holiday stores, specialty food stores or on-line. If you look, you can find Christmas food baskets to suit just about anyone.

Types of Christmas food baskets

What kind of food to people think of when they think about Christmas? Sweets of course! You can fill Christmas food baskets with a bunch of sweets including ribbon candy, candy canes, Christmas cookies and a variety of chocolates. If the basket's intended for a strict chocolate lover, fill the entire thing with different varieties of chocolate. Don't forget to include white, light and dark chocolate.

Sweets are great for the holidays, but they're just about every where. If you want your Christmas food baskets to stand out from the crowd, opt for a healthy yet yummy basket. Instead of the processed sugar, make a basket of natural sugar. Order a fruit basket full of fresh citrus fruits from California or Florida. Citrus isn't your only option. You can also fill the basket with a variety of dried fruits and nuts.

Wine and cheese Christmas food baskets are great for holiday parties because they can be put out immediately. These baskets usually include several different wines and cheeses. Sometimes the wines are from the same region. Sometimes they're made from the same kind of grape, but are from different regions. If you don't know much about wine, ask the person who's putting the basket together to help you match the wine and cheese. Most gift basket Web sites have pre-made wine and cheese baskets, which makes the selection process much easier.

Another great idea for your Christmas food baskets are ethnic food baskets. Have a Jewish friend? Get them a Kosher basket. What about an Italian family member? Fill a basket with different pasta, sauces and dried Italian spices. Add some jarred olives and an Italian cookbook to spice it up. They'll simply love getting Christmas food baskets that remind them of the old country.

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