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Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets are a great holiday gift idea. Incorporating baskets with items to follow a theme or activity is fun and always appreciated.

Gift baskets for hobby cooks are always welcome. Cooks are constantly looking for ways to expand their kitchen repertoire and a basket full of specialty spices or oils is a perfect fit. They will also appreciate kitchen tools, pot-holders (silicone, cloth, quilted), trivets, and gadgets. Any cook would be delighted to receive a basket with a new oven-proof skillet, a cookbook, a bottle of truffle oil and a wooden spoon set. It might even get the giver a great meal!

New brides are also a good candidate for a Christmas gift basket. They may still be in the early stages of setting up their home and may be in need of things you have found to be welcome items in your home. Things like label-makers, pen holders, paper sorter/stackers and extra USB cables would be nice to assist in setting up the new office. Extra bath towels, some nice soaps and a lovely shower curtain can help her finish off the second bathroom. Just about anything you think might have been overlooked on her gift registry can be incorporated into a wonderful gift basket.

When filling a gift basket for a man, think of things he would really enjoy. Maybe he is a grill enthusiast. His gift basket could actually be a galvanized steel tub filled with grilling accessories, sauces, specialty beers and a gift card to the local butcher shop. The tub could then be used to ice down cold drinks at the next cookout. And, don’t worry about it being cold at Christmastime as any true griller will grill even in a blizzard.

If new parents make your Christmas list, consider providing a night out basket. Include a nice bottle of wine and glasses, some fine chocolates, a bottle of massage oil and gift certificates for dinner and a free night of babysitting compliments of you. This will give the exhausted parents a chance to reconnect and fall in love all over again.

Crafters will also be elated to find a crafting gift basket under the Christmas tree. Fill it with special scissors or shears, straight-pins, adhesives, an organizer for small items, thread, beads or just about anything you think they could use in their creative endeavors. A craft gift basket will offer the recipient hours of enjoyment while they design wonderful items as only they can.

The doors swing wide open when considering themes for baskets. They can be given at any time, but Christmas gift baskets are extra special.

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